Our Process


Everyone's situation and circumstances are unique, and as such our approach is flexible and can be personalized to meet each individual's needs. The following is a high level outline of a typical financial planning project; we will work with you to adapt it to your specific needs during our introductory meeting.

  • Initial Discovery

    We encourage you to reach out and contact us to discuss our services. If our services and approach appear to fit your needs, we will provide you with some introductory material, and schedule a free no-obligation Introductory Meeting.

  • Introductory Meeting

    The introductory meeting is an opportunity to discuss your needs, goals and objectives. In addition, we will discuss the scope of your planning project and how to best approach it. After this meeting, we will provide you with a quote for the cost of the financial planning project. Our fees are based solely on the amount of time spent analyzing and researching your specific financial questions and meeting with you to review and offer recommendations.

    Should you decide to move forward with the planning project, we will provide you with a list of additional information to gather and guidance on how we’ll proceed.

  • Data Gathering and Collaborative Goal Planning

    After formally kicking off the project (e.g. complete the Client Service Agreement, etc.), we’ll send you links for our secure online data collection questionnaire, secure vault to exchange electronic documents, etc. and we’ll begin to gather data and formulate your financial planning.

    We will work together to come up with realistic goals and assumptions, and to make sure that we have a complete and accurate picture of your current financial situation.

  • Analysis and Plan Creation

    As we massage and refine the data you have provided, we will consider various plan scenarios and analyze their potential outcomes. We will identify strengths and weaknesses in your personal financial position and we will work together to come up with possible strategies for success and how to best execute on your plan.

  • Final Review/Plan Presentation

    We will sit together and walk through your financial plan; we will review all the assumptions and planning inputs to make sure that they are realistic and practical and that the scenario(s) addresses the questions that we set out to answer.

    We will spend the time necessary help you to fully understand the recommendations, and to formalize your action items. We will supplement the financial planning software reports with summaries of our observations, assumptions, recommendations and risk factors, as applicable.

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Updates

    Financial planning is dynamic and ongoing process; it’s important to monitor your financial health and periodic check-ups are essential to staying on track.

    We encourage you to revisit and revise your financial planning data regularly, the frequency of which will be dependent your individual circumstances. We are happy to schedule periodic update meetings and reviews at whatever frequency is appropriate for you; we encourage you to contact us when questions arise


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