Targeted Financial Planning Reviews


A Targeted Financial Planning Review is a more narrowly focused planning project designed to address one or two specific financial issues.

In a planning review project we might tackle a question like "...how much do I need to save to pay for my kid's college?" or "...how much can I spend each year in retirement?" or "...are my investments in the right funds/stocks?"

Examples of Targeted Financial Planning Reviews include...

"...how much do I need to save to pay for my kid's college?"
College costs have been on the rise and are higher than ever. It's important to understand the costs of various types of institutions, as well as what the costs might be when the time comes for your kids to go off to college.

Most importantly, we will help you to reflect on your goals and aspirations for your family and help you to plan for how to make those dreams come true. We will help you to evaluate the resources required to cover the costs of the various alternatives.

"...how much can I spend each year in retirement?"
We will review your retirement plans, examine your retirement resources (e.g. savings, pensions, social security, etc.), and consider what opportunities you might have between now and then.

We'll incorporate all this data into a retirement income projection that will show how your retirement needs will be met, and by what resources. We can run "What If" analysis to model different alternatives/assumptions, and help you to understand your current situation and what's possible.

"...are my investments in the right funds/stocks?"
One of the most important aspects of understanding your financial health is a thorough analysis of your investment portfolio.

We will examine all accounts, privately held or employer based, to make sure they are appropriately allocated and invested consistent with your overall risk tolerance.

Other Targeted Financial Planning Reviews might include...

  • Budgeting, debt and cash flow planning
  • Social Security maximization strategies
  • Evaluate pension survivor benefit options
  • Review appropriate levels of life, disability and long term care insurance
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