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Service Overview


Pyxis Financial Planning offers a wide variety of individually tailored financial planning services. Everyone's situation and circumstances are unique, and as such our approach is flexible and can be personalized to meet each individual's needs.

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship and to be your trusted resource for objective financial advice. As a fee-only financial planning firm, we customize our services to ensure that your interests come first; we are free to address our clients' questions and concerns from an objective and analytical perspective.

Because we are truly fee-only, we are able to do this without conflicts of interest. We do so without regard to minimum assets or net worth; our mission is to help you achieve your financial goals.

Broad-based Financial Planning Project

A Broad-based Financial Planning Project is a holistic and detailed analysis of the many aspects of your financial life. The planning project will look at both the individual components as well as the overall view of your financial picture.

We will work together to define your financial goals and we will create a sound and realistic approach to achieve those goals.

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Targeted Financial Planning Review(s)

A Targeted Financial Planning Review is a more narrowly focus planning project and is designed to address one or two specific financial issues. In a planning review project we might tackle a question like "...how much do I need to save to pay for my kids' college?" or "...when can I afford to retire?"

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Investment Consultation

Investment Consultation begins with a rigorous analysis of your existing portfolio of holdings. We will examine all accounts, privately held or employer based, to make sure they are appropriately allocated and invested consistent with your overall risk tolerance.

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High-level Financial Overview

A High-level Financial Overview is an opportunity to get help and advice with a specific issue. Topics that fall into this category can generally be addressed with a little prep/research, a 1-2 hour meeting and a written summary memo.

In a Financial Overview project we will spend a couple hours addressing a specific area of concern. This effort is most efficient if you provide background info and the specific questions you'd like to tackle at least a couple days in advance.

Before the meeting, we'll do a little research if necessary. Then we'll spend an hour or two meeting together and we'll provide a written summary of the discussion afterward.

Typical High-level Financial Overview projects include...

  • How to get started saving now, retirement, college, etc.
  • Investments/Asset allocation overview
  • Budgeting, and cash flow planning
  • Social Security maximization strategies
  • Evaluate pension survivor benefit options


Investment Management begins with a review of your personal goals, both long- and short-term; your income resources and investment assets; and your overall tolerance for risk. As well, we'll talk about any other factors that might influence our determination of the best asset allocation for you.

We'll examine your ability to take on investment risk, especially within the context of your need to assume that risk. We'll strive to balance the amount of investment risk you're comfortable with, against what's necessary to give you the best chance to meet your long-term financial goals.

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Hourly/Ad Hoc Financial Planning

For planning projects that do not fit into one of the above approaches, they can be addressed by a flat hourly fee of $175/hour.

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