Broad-based Financial Planning Project


A Broad-based Financial Planning Project is a detailed analysis of the many aspects of your financial life. The planning project will look at both the individual components as well as the overall view of your financial picture.

With the broad-based planning project we will examine all the appropriate topics below, plus any other specific concerns you might have, and formulate an overall plan to help you reach your financial goals.

The deliverables for the Broad-based Financial Planning Project include a detailed written report, as well as a summary of key assumptions and specific action items. Most importantly, we'll be here to help you put the plan into action!

Current Financial Status – what is our starting point. We will review your current income, expenses and debt. How much of your income are you able to save, and how much do you have set aside so far?

Retirement Income Planning – what are your plans for your retirement years. Are you on track to have the opportunities you'd like to have when the time comes? At your current pace, will you have the resources to maintain your standard of living – without compromise? What do you need to do now, and going forward, to make sure you plans are realistic and achievable?

Education Funding Planning – will you have the resources when the time comes? What will a year of college cost when your kids are ready? Will you have the resources to provide education opportunities you desire for your kids? What are some strategies to help fund college expenses?

Risk Management Review – what about the "unexpected?" Do you have adequate and appropriate insurance coverage to protect your family if something unforeseen were to happen? Are you making the best choices between your work/group benefits and private coverage?

Employee Benefit Review – are you making the most of what your employer offers? Are you taking full advantage of the group benefits available to you? Are your insurance choices coordinated with the coverage you have privately? Are your 401(k)/403(b) investment elections consistent with your investment choices elsewhere, and appropriate for your overall risk tolerance?

High-level Tax Review – are you considering taxes in the context of your overall financial decision making? What are some tax efficiency strategies you might consider? What are the impacts of the tax characteristics of your various investments/accounts; are you positioned to have options in retirement?

High-level Estate Planning Review – are your plans/preferences in place to make things easy for your family? Specifically what estate planning documents should you have in place? Are your healthcare and end-of-life wishes properly documented? How can you maximize the transfer of wealth and minimize taxes/expenses for your heirs? Most importantly, how can you provide continuity for your spouse, should he/she outlive you?

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